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Can You Take Out Ordinary Car Insurance To Cover Your Classic Car?

This is a question that often comes up and the answer is an interesting one. The short answer is: “Yes, you can insure your classic car with an ordinary car insurance policy”. However, this may not be the best thing … Continue reading

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The Impact Of Being Caught Speeding

How many of you have been caught speeding whilst driving your classic car? If people were to own up to it, you may be surprised at the numbers involved. However, are you aware of the potential implications if you were … Continue reading

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Car Insurance Premiums Are Falling

Recent information from the AA has revealed that, on average, car insurance premiums have been falling over the last 12 months that is potentially good news for motorists. It would be interesting to find out if the drop seen for … Continue reading

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Whiplash Claims Increase Car Insurance Premiums

Aviva has produced a report highlighting the fact that false whiplash claims have resulted in car insurance premiums increasing by £118 per annum. In the last 4 years premiums have gone up by 80% as a result of both legitimate … Continue reading

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Classic Car Insurance Guide

Classic car insurance is widely available from the likes of some of the major car insurers to specialist classic car insurers through insurance brokers in the high street, on the phone and on the Internet either through such places as … Continue reading

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Drivers Are In Support Of Speed Cameras

Research undertaken by the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) into motorists’ attitude towards speed cameras has revealed some interesting results. Interestingly, a majority of drivers were in favour of speed cameras being installed in appropriate places on the UK road … Continue reading

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Classic Car Insurance For Women

Some time ago there was an EU directive declaring that from 21 December 2012 insurance companies, including classic car insurance companies, will no longer be allowed to take gender into account when assessing the level of car insurance premiums people … Continue reading

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Newer Classic Cars

HMCE’s definition of a classic car is a car that is over 15 years of age and worth at least £15,000 but for insurance purposes classic car insurers take a more relaxed approach with no laid down definition –each insurer … Continue reading

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