When you have a classic car – especially one that is highly maintained – it is important to protect that investment. Finding suitable car insurance for a classic can be a bit challenging, but it is obtainable. Most drivers assume that classic car insurance is like any other car insurance policy. There is a lot more to a policy meant for classics than is involved in your standard coverage, however. For instance, companies that offer classics policies have more restrictions on which car models can be covered and how their owners take care of the vehicle that is under coverage. If you are willing to observe the guidelines set up by your insurance provider, you will find that it is quite easy to obtain coverage that provides the protection that you and your classic car need. Before purchasing classic auto insurance, it is important to know what to expect from it.

Why Not Use a Standard Insurance Policy?

While it is not impossible to take out standard motor insurance on your classic, it is most often better to seek out a company that specialises in classic vehicles. Having your classic car covered by a standard policy is expensive – typically costing up to 600% more in premiums than you would pay on an insurance policy that is created just for classics. Your standard insurance company is not obligated to provide you with insurance for a classic car, either. Those that will, however, offer less coverage than they would for an everyday car and have more restrictions than a classics policy while charging you an exorbitant premiums.

Keeping Your Classic Vehicle Safe

Many classic car insurance providers now require that you store your vehicle in a place that will keep it safe from not only the typical dangers to a car but from environmental damage, as well. Most will not count a simple car cover as protection and want proof that your car is stored in locking shelter when it is not in use. Some will accept a carport as sufficient, while others require a locking garage or other area.

Annual Driving Distance Restrictions

Almost every classic car insurance company has a limit on how far you can drive your classic car annually. This usually falls somewhere between 2,500 and 5,000 miles. Some have a reading done on your odometer to verify that you are sticking to this restriction. This small amount of mileage allows for some joy rides and driving to car shows, but is meant to keep you from driving the car as an everyday mode of transportation and keep your classic out of danger.

When you are looking for insurance on your classic car, taking a look at an online comparison site can help you a great deal. Many now allow you to select an option for classic insurance quotes so that you can obtain affordable estimates from a wide selection of UK companies. You can compare cheap quotes without having to deal with the pressure of talking to an agent in person, allowing you to decide for yourself which policy is right for you.