Cheap Classic Car Insurance

It is not impossible to find cheap classic car insurance that will give you the coverage you and your car need to stay protected. Just as with looking for car insurance for any other vehicle, specialist or not, it simply takes patience. Many people get frustrated with the decisions and prices and give up, purchasing a policy that is too expensive or does not offer discounts because they are tired of searching. This is a mistake not just because you will be paying more than you should, but also because you might not get the coverage that you need by choosing a policy so quickly. There are some ways to make sure that you get cheap classic car insurance that will fit your vehicle and situation well.

The Safety Features of Your Classic

Vehicles that fall into the category of classic are typically 20 years old or more. This means that they often do not have the safety and security features that modern cars feature, making them more of a hazard to you and a higher risk to your insurance company. This is particularly true if you use it as your everyday car, instead of keeping it hidden away for shows and exhibitions. You can obtain a cheap classic car insurance policy more easily if you add a few unobtrusive things to your classic vehicle. If you are not worried about keeping your car identical to its assembly line features, you can quite easily have a car alarm and GPS locator installed. These do not affect the car’s appearance inside or out and they provide a great deal of security, meaning that your car is less likely to be stolen and therefore a lower risk to your auto insurance provider. If your classic is so old that it does not have seatbelts or is a model that did not include them, you may consider having a special safety belt or harness system installed to keep you and your passengers safe in the event of an accident.

Take an Advanced Driving Course

Even if you think you are experienced behind the wheel, an advanced driving course, such as defensive driving, can bring your premiums down simply by having it in your file. This kind of class teaches drivers how to be safe on the roads in dangerous situations, teaching driving tools such as paying attention to your environment so you can be aware of developing situations, predicting the behaviour of other motorists around you, and driving in inclement weather. Having this ability will make you a lower risk because it makes you less likely to have an accident in your classic vehicle.

Getting a Great Classics Policy

The best way to make your insurance cheaper is by getting an affordable insurance policy in the first place. The most convenient method of doing this is by using an online comparison site for UK insurance companies. You can find cheap quotes on high quality insurance policies and compare prices with coverage until you find the policy that is right for you.

Have Your Policy Re-Evaluated Periodically

After you find the right insurance and purchase it, don’t simply forget about it until time to make payments. Have your policy re-evaluated once a year. The premiums for any variety of car insurance, including classics coverage, are added up while taking your driving history and credit score into consideration. If these have improved in the last year, having your insurance provider look over your policy again may just get you better rates. Be careful, though – make sure that your driving record or credit history is in better shape before you ask for this. If either is worse than it was when checked before, you could very well end up with an even more expensive premium.

Vintage Classic Car Insurance

If you are lucky enough to own a vintage classic car then it is important you get the correct type of cover.


Modern Classic Car Insurance

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Cherished Car Insurance

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