Classic Car Insurance for Young Drivers

Car insurance policies for young drivers are quite expensive, and trying to find classic car insurance for young drivers is no different - it may even be a bit more difficult because of both special provisions. Young drivers in the UK typically receive higher premiums because of the risks associated with their inexperience. The same applies to auto insurance for classics when a young driver is involved in the equation.

Age Restrictions

Many motor insurance companies that offer policies covering classic cars have an age restriction of 25 years and up. This means that they can refuse to provide you with coverage based simply on your age. However, more and more are making provisions for classic car insurance for young drivers, allowing people as young as 21 to obtain coverage. This younger age requirement often rests on the driver having a driving history that is spotless. There are some ways for you to make your premiums on classic auto coverage go down a bit, though.

Student Discounts

Companies that provide classic car insurance for young drivers often have a package with available discounts created specifically for young people. The most major of these discounts is a good grades discount. The better your grades are, the higher this bonus typically goes. You will need to provide the insurance company with proof of your GPA or grades to keep on file. Any student organisations or clubs that you are involved in can help you, as can having a job. The more responsibility the insurance agent sees that you have, the lower risk you are to the company and the lower your premiums will ring in at.

Advanced Driver Classes

Your typical beginner’s driver education course is great for those who have never driven before, but if you have recently obtained your licence, a Pass Plus course or defensive driving class is excellent to boost that skill a bit more. While you can only take a Pass Plus course in the year after your driving test, a defensive driving class can be taken at any age and time. These classes can provide you with more extensive experience, allowing you to learn how to stay aware in dangerous situations and navigate the roads more confidently. If you are able to drive more safely with the tools that these classes teach you, you become a lower risk and your classic insurance company will bring your premiums down accordingly because they feel that there is less chance that they will have to pay a claim.

Car Safety

Classic cars - meaning that they were made 20 or more years ago - do not always have great safety features. This is not typically a problem for people who use their classic cars solely for exhibitions, but for a young driver who will be using it as their everyday transportation, a lack of safety features could be a problem. It will also make your premiums go up. Having an unintrusive security device, such as a car alarm or GPS locator, can bring your premiums down. If you are not into classic cars solely for the original condition of the vehicle, consider having air bags installed, if possible. Also make sure that the structure of the car is in good shape. A frame that is compromised by rust or other damage can make your car quite hazardous to drive. Before buying a classic car, no matter how beautiful and well-preserved it appears superficially, it is important to have a professional check it out to make sure that you are not purchasing a vehicle that has sustained damage.

Where to Find Coverage

If no companies local to you offer it or you simply want a more convenient way to search, you can look online for affordable classic car insurance for young drivers. Online comparison sites give you the opportunity to look through quotes from dozens of UK insurance companies. You can compare and find the policy that is right for you and your car, whether you need cheap coverage or want something a bit more comprehensive.

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