What A Discovery!

Can you imagine what it must be like to discover one after another classic cars that have remained hidden from the public’s view for many years. Well, that is what happened on a farm in western France recently. Apparently, a … Continue reading

Classic Car Dealer Pays £518,840 For Number Plate

Many of our classic car enthusiast customers will have invested in a personalised number plate for their delightful vehicles and some will no doubt have paid several thousand pounds for them. However, how many of you have invested over half … Continue reading

Morris Minor Reaches 300,000 Miles

It is probably a rare occurrence for a car to do 100,000 miles in its lifetime never mind 300,000 but that is just what a classic Morris Minor 1000 has achieved. John Davies, 84, from Aberystwyth in Wales has driven … Continue reading

The Joy Of Driving A Classic Car

People buy classic cars for different reasons. Some purchase one in dire need of restoration, someone else may buy one to keep locked away and only be seen by themselves but some just want to invest in one to have … Continue reading

Ferrari Previously Owned By Steve McQueen Sold At Auction

No doubt many classic car enthusiasts will have heard of the actor Steve McQueen and watched many of his films including the Great Escape and the famous Bullitt that included a well-known car chase. He was renowned for doing his … Continue reading

Hiring Out Your Classic Car For Weddings

A wedding is no doubt going to be the most memorable day of a person’s life whether they get married in a church or a registry office. There are many things that people need to think of when planning the … Continue reading

Can You Take Out Ordinary Car Insurance To Cover Your Classic Car?

This is a question that often comes up and the answer is an interesting one. The short answer is: “Yes, you can insure your classic car with an ordinary car insurance policy”. However, this may not be the best thing … Continue reading

Where Do You Keep Your Classic Car?

Having made what could be a potentially huge financial investment in purchasing a classic car you will need to decide where you are going to keep it. So, let us have a look at some of the options open to … Continue reading

Toy Cars Break World Record At Beaulieu Motor Museum

The National Motor Museum in Beaulieu in the beautiful New Forest is a great place to visit if you are a classic car enthusiast as it has in excess of 250 vehicles including classic cars and motorbikes going back to … Continue reading

How Quickly Can Classic Car Insurance Be Arranged?

Having made a decision to purchase a classic car, one of the things that you will no doubt wish to sort out is classic car insurance so that, should anything untoward happen with it, there is cover in place to … Continue reading