Most classic car owners will probably also have a family car that he or she uses on a daily basis. As a result, they will possibly be responsible for insuring both those vehicles. Therefore, if prices go up to insure the family saloon, it is also quite possible that the cost of covering a classic car will also increase.

Unfortunately, you will be disappointed to read that, according to the Car Insurance Price Index that is produced on a quarterly basis, the cost of comprehensive car insurance has gone up in 2019. The index reveals that in 2019 such cover rose by £41 per annum to an average of £815 per annum when compared with 2018 to insure a standard car.

Premiums in Inner London are the most expensive region in the UK with the average cost of insuring a standard car being £1,260 per annum in 2019. That is an increase of £91 per annum when compared with 2018. Drivers in Outer London are paying an average of £1,021 per annum – a rise of £59 per annum in comparison to the previous year. Premiums in the West Midlands reached an average of £1,011 per annum – an increase of £65 per annum.

Young motorists are having to pay more than any other age bracket for normal comprehensive car insurance with premiums averaging £2,130 per annum. Yes, there are unlikely to be that many 18 year olds owning a classic car but, nevertheless, the cost is concerning. A 38 year old is paying an average of £672 per annum and someone who is 69 years of age is paying an average of £481 per annum.

We have said it before but will mention it again, shop around for your classic car insurance to see if you can get a competitive deal on your cover. There are numerous price comparison websites that you can obtain quotes from. Take your time and do your research to see if you can get the quality of cover you require for a competitive premium.