We are sure you will agree that 2020 was not a good year for many people both here in the UK and in countries around the world due in the main to the coronavirus pandemic. However, on a positive note, according to the Confused.com Car Insurance Price Index the average cost of arranging fully comprehensive car insurance reduced in 2020 when compared with 2019 – not by a lot but at least there was a small fall.

According to the above index that is produced on a quarterly basis, the average amount paid for the above level of cover reduced by an average of £52 per annum to an average of £763.00 per annum. That equates to a fall of £1 per week – not a lot but every little helps especially in the current economic climate with so many people out of work or furloughed.

The majority of classic car owners will also own a family run-around so they will be faced with the cost of insuring both cars. Therefore, it would be excellent if such motorists found that when their existing cover comes up for renewal that they are able to get the cover at a lower cost than they have been paying whether that be through their existing insurer or by shopping around and looking at how much other car insurance providers are charging for motor insurance.

It is motorists living in Inner London who pay the most for their car insurance with the average cost of comprehensive cover being £1,220 per annum. That is an average of £40.00 per annum less than a year ago. If you happen to live in South Wales the average amount you would pay for insuring your car would be £659 per annum.

Your age has a huge impact on how much you will pay for your car insurance with an 18 year old, on average, paying more than any other age – £2,136 per annum. In reality, we are sure that you will agree, there are probably not going to be many 18 year olds who own a classic car. A 36 year old is paying on average £630.00 per annum for comprehensive cover. As you can see that is a huge difference.
So, if you have just received your renewal notice whether it be for insuring the family saloon car or your classic car why not get in contact with us to obtain a competitive quotation without any obligation.