A vintage car rally in Moscow, Russia has brought together classic cars and modern eco-friendly vehicles to take part in a three day event starting in Moscow and finishing 1,200 km away in Pskov which is close to the border of Estonia.

If you are travelling to Moscow to attend a classic car rally you need to make sure that your classic car insurance covers you. The Ministry of Ecology and the Rally Club of Classic Cars have put on the occasion in honor of Russia’s Day of Ecologists.

The event has brought together eco-friendly cars from the modern era with classic cars such as a delightful 1960 corvette with a view to comparing fuel usage and the environmental impact between the modern and classic cars.

Whilst the classic cars are unlikely to be as eco-friendly as their modern counterparts some owners of the vintage cars feel that they have at least made an effort in this regard.

Dmitry Oktyabrsky who is in charge of the Moscow Retro Car Museum said; “I believe my car will take first place among the retro cars on ecological standards.First of all,  because it’s a small capacity car. The volume of the engine is only 1.1 litres and it has 40 horsepower. We augmented the car so it consumes less petrol but runs faster. And since the distance is quite lengthy, we’ll consume less petrol than the other cars.”

This classic car rally is not about getting to the finishing line first, it is about following a clear and strict list of instructions that will include making positive environmental changes and taking photographs of forest fires on the long journey.

Stanislav Solovyov is the president of the Rally Club of Classic Cars and he said: “Besides our driving, we’re planning to plant an alley of trees in the Tver Region in places of war battles and war-destroyed villages.In one of them, only one resident survived. We’ll plant trees in two different towns.”

Anybody from the UK thinking of making the long drive to Russia next year ought to checkthat they can be insured under their classic car insurance policy.