People buy classic cars for different reasons. Some purchase one in dire need of restoration, someone else may buy one to keep locked away and only be seen by themselves but some just want to invest in one to have the pleasure of driving it as frequently as possible.

most people love to see classic cars on our roads

Classic cars should be seen more frequently on our roads

Personally, I favour as many classic cars being seen out on our roads here in the UK as much as possible. The sheer pleasure derived from getting into a classic motor car whose leather seats have that distinctive smell and you are able to look at and feel the solid wooden finishes on the dashboard that you may have restored yourself is something rather special.

To turn that engine on and hear the distinctive roar of an open-topped sports car that may have been driven around the countryside fifty years ago is unique. As you carefully change through the gears as you speed along the road you will appreciate how solidly built the vehicle feels.

Let’s be honest, we all love the admiring looks of other passing motorists and pedestrians. It makes all those hours that we may have spent in restoring the vehicle all the more worthwhile. To arrive at a pub out in the countryside on a beautiful summer’s lunchtime, park the car and then be surrounded by those interested in classic cars makes you feel rather special.

To be driving a classic car that could once have been owned by a member of the gentry fifty or more years ago adds to the pleasure. Your vehicle may have been driven up many a long drive on a country estate.

The more classic cars that we see being used on a daily basis the better. As long as you do not exceed the maximum number of miles you are allowed to drive in it each year by your insurer you can feel secure in the knowledge that it is covered by the classic car insurance policy you arranged.