Who would have thought that a car that you used to see almost daily on our roads back in the 1980’s would now be on the market for several times more than it was worth brand new. Well that is just what has happened with a Ford Escort.

The vehicle concerned is a custom built 1980 RS 2000 that originally cost under £3,000. It is now available for sale at a staggering £37,500.

The car is being sold by Derek Mowat of Edinburgh that is a business that specialises in the sale of sought after vehicles. In fact this car is currently on the market for a higher price than a Rolls Royce Silver Shadow that the firm are also marketing for sale.

The Ford Escort RS 2000 does only have a mere 12,000 miles on its clock, the paintwork is original and it still has the original Pirelli tyres-amazing! Mr Mowat claims that it is a piece of motoring history that is rarely seen.

Some of you may remember seeing this make and model of car in the TV series “The Professionals” being driven around at a breath taking speed. In fact the Ford Escort RS 2000 is capable of getting from 0 to 60 mph in only 8.5 seconds reaching a top speed of 108 mph which make very impressive reading.

It is of course to be expected to see classic cars sell for more than they were originally bought for but a Ford Escort going on sale at more than 10 times its original sale price when it came off the shop floor is amazing.

It is the opinion of Mr Mowat that this car may well be the best in existence of its kind but it may be possible that the value of this vehicle could increase even more in future years. He compared it with a bottle of fine vintage wine – realistically the value is only ever likely to go up.

Throughout the UK there are many branches of the Ford RS Owners Club plus there are also two overseas branches in Barcelona and Australia. In total there are 4,500 members. Apparently, based upon a price guide produced by the club a Ford Escort RS 2000 that is in top condition had gone up in value from £11,000 in 2007 to anything up to £30,000 – that is until now assuming that this one does fetch £37,500.