If you are just about to take delivery of your first classic car you will need to make sure that you have adequate classic car insurance in place but where can you get such specialist insurance from?

Arrange classic car insurance through the Internet You could contact your local high street insurance broker and get him or her to obtain a number of quotes from various companies. Alternatively, you could speak with the classic car club of the make of car you are purchasing and ask who they use.

Many people prefer to sit in front of their computer at home and go on the Internet to get a number of quotes for classic car insurance. You can do this either by going onto the individual websites of some insurance brokers that specialize in classic car insurance or you could go onto one or more price comparison websites and obtain a number of quotes.

The great thing is, you will find that some of the specialist car insurers will appear on comparison sites enabling you to study a number of classic car insurance quotes. At the same time you will also be able to read further information about each company’s classic car insurance.

With all this information available you should be able to make a balanced decision as to which classic car insurer you prefer to insure your new classic car with.

Remember though that classic car insurance has some variations to that of standard car insurance such as the number of miles you intend to do each year. For instance, you can limit the mileage to as few as 1,500 miles per annum.

You should find that classic car insurance is cheaper than that of standard car insurance but it is important to note that the priority is to choose a policy that provides the cover you require at a price you can afford.