You will no doubt have watched many a TV series or film in which there are classic cars on display. For example, if you are a fan of Downton Abbey you will have seen some vintage models or in Heartbeat you may have seen a classic police car.

Heartbeat features an old Ford Anglia police car

Heartbeat often features a Ford Anglia classic police car

Well, have you ever wondered where the production companies source these vehicles that are often the reason why some classic car enthusiasts watch certain films and TV programs? You may be interested to note that one of the sources is from companies that hire out classic cars for that purpose.

So, if a film producer requires an Alfa Romeo Spider from the 1970’s, they just need to go on the Internet to source a company that hires out such a car and then ring them to discuss booking the car. Some classic cars can be hired out for a day, week, month or even longer.

Some of these classic car hire companies rent the classic cars from members of the public that own them and pay them to do so. Interestingly, there are companies out their that hire vehicles to TV and film sets that are sometimes looking to expand their portfolio of classic cars so, if you are the proud owner of such a car, and would consider renting it out to make a few pounds why not contact some of these companies to discuss the matter.

It would probably be rather nice for you if you were able to watch your own classic car over a 12 week TV series in the knowledge that it is being seen by millions of other viewers. Who knows, this sort of thing could become a good potential source of additional income for some of you.

We would love to hear from people that either have done this before or end up doing so as a result of reading this post and can tell us about their own experiences.