Recent information from the AA has revealed that, on average, car insurance premiums have been falling over the last 12 months that is potentially good news for motorists. It would be interesting to find out if the drop seen for ordinary car insurance has also been seen in premiums for classic car insurance.

make sure you review your classic car insurance

Are classic car insurance premiums reducing

In the current financial climate, anything that can be done to reduce or even contain our household expenditure has got to be a positive move. It is not very often that we see our regular household bills come down in price.

Obviously, for many of you, any reduction is not going to come into effect until your classic car insurance policy is coming up for renewal. However, if anyone is buying a new classic car, they may well see an immediate benefit in a reduction in what the premium may have been going to be before any price reductions.

It is still important that you should shop around for a competitively priced classic car insurance policy. One of the best ways of doing this is to go on the Internet and key something like” classic car insurance quotes” into your browser’s search box and you should be presented with numerous websites offering quotes for this type of cover.

You can either contact each insurance company or perhaps get an insurance broker who specialises in classic car insurance to do this on your behalf. Alternatively, you could go onto the website of one or more price comparison sites that provide classic car insurance quotes. This will mean that you will only need to key in the information requested once and you should be presented with numerous quotes from insurers providing this sort of cover thus saving you a great deal of time.

So, why don’t you give this a try when your existing insurance is coming up for renewal and see if you can save yourself some money.