Each year, an envelope arrives through your letterbox or an e-mail appears in your inbox from the classic car insurance company that you use to insure your cherished vehicle. It is probably going to include the documentation with regards to renewing your insurance for that car.

Why not shop around to see if you can get a cheaper premium when you receive your classic car insurance renewal notice

When you receive the renewal notice for your classic car insurance what do you do with it?

The question is: “What do you do with the paperwork when you take it out of the envelope or open the attachment to the e-mail?”

You may, or may not, be surprised to read that a large number of people pay very little attention to it. Some will simply file it without even reading it. Others may look at how much the premium is going to be for the next 12 months and quickly work out that it is an extra £2 or £3 per month, then shrug their shoulders accepting the increase and then pop the paperwork in their classic car insurance file in the knowledge that the cover will be renewed automatically.

However, some people will read the correspondence and, noting that there is going to be an imminent increase in their monthly premium, decide to try and do something about it. So, what action can you take?

Well, you may want to get some other quotes to see if you can save yourself any money or at least contain the cost. To do this, you could get in touch with whoever arranged your existing cover such as an insurance broker in the high street or one that you found on the Internet and see if they can find you the same level of cover but for a more competitive premium.

Another option is to use a specialist price comparison website and obtain one or more competitive quotes from a variety of classic car insurers. This can be done simply and quickly by filling in just one form online thus saving you a great deal of time rather than getting quotes from individual companies.

If you find an insurer that provides the same level of cover that you have for a lower price then you could ask your existing insurance company if they will match or better the premium. If they will not, then you could consider switching the insurance of your classic car elsewhere.