A wedding is no doubt going to be the most memorable day of a person’s life whether they get married in a church or a registry office. There are many things that people need to think of when planning the event such as the location for the ceremony, where the reception will be held, who is to be invited, what the menu will consist of and what to wear on the day.

Wouldn't you love to be transported to a wedding in this classic Morris Minor Convertible?

A 1965 Morris Minor Convertible would make a lovely wedding car

A major consideration is what sort of transport is going to be used to get to the church and then onto the reception in. Classic cars are becoming an increasingly popular way of transporting the bride and groom to these locations. There is something special about being transported in a vehicle that will date back many, many years.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be a vintage Rolls Royce that someone travels in which tends to be a popular choice. Someone could also luxuriate in something like a classic VW Campervan, a Jaguar MK11 or a Morris Minor Convertible.

The bride and groom would feel very special being chauffeured around in one of the above vehicles. Of course such vehicles do not come cheap to hire for a day. Expect to get around £200 plus depending upon the classic car being used and the service provided.

A classic wedding car makes a great backdrop for a few wedding photographs.

So, how do people go about hiring a classic wedding car? Well, as with many things, the Internet is the most popular place to start a search. You will find that there are numerous companies offering such vehicles so it is important that you have a website.

So, if you are the proud owner of a delightful classic car that would be most suitable for being hired out for someone’s wedding it could prove to be an excellent way of making some extra money probably in your spare time and give you the opportunity to show off your pride and joy.

As with most businesses, there are numerous things that you will need to consider including the insurance of the vehicle. In this respect you may wish to compare the various classic wedding car insurance policies that may be available to ensure that you get the cover you are looking for at a competitive premium.