If you have just purchased a classic car at auction and prefer not to drive it home then you will no doubt wish to arrange for it to be transported. If you have bought the vehicle in the UK and are having it moved to another location in the UK then it is relatively easy to arrange for the transportation of your cherished vehicle.

You could use a friend’s car trailer who perhaps has a recovery vehicle business and pay him or her a modest sum for helping you out. However, if this is not an option then you will no doubt need to revert to finding a professional, experienced classic car transportation business to move the vehicle.

Sourcing a suitable firm to carry out the move is relatively easy enough as all that you should need to do is go on the Internet and type in something like ”classic car transportation” and you will be presented with numerous websites that are offering their services to collect and move the vehicle. You may wish to speak with other classic car enthusiasts who have used the services of a particular firm to get their opinion on how good they were.

Whether you wish to have your new purchase transported in an enclosed vehicle or on an open car transporter is up to you with obviously the former being the preferred option albeit it is likely to be the more costly of the two options. There is a choice of large firms or sole traders available who offer a classic car transportation service. The choice is yours that will no doubt be dictated by the likes of price and service levels.

If you are having a classic car transported from an auction that has taken place overseas then you tend to have two options. Either you can arrange for your car to be moved by plane or by boat depending upon your budget and then by car transporter.

You would need to make sure that the firm you are using has things like adequate goods in transit insurance to help provide you with peace of mind. It would also be prudent to use a firm that provides a live tracking service for added security. If you are having the classic vehicle delivered to a show then it is even possible to arrange to have the car cleaned prior to going on display.