It is probably a rare occurrence for a car to do 100,000 miles in its lifetime never mind 300,000 but that is just what a classic Morris Minor 1000 has achieved.

The Morris Minor 1000 is highly sought after

The Morris Minor 1000 is a much loved classic car

John Davies, 84, from Aberystwyth in Wales has driven the car since the 1980s having bought it for £50 from his brother. That decision probably saved it from going for scrap so well done to Mr Davies. The car was first registered back on 1st November 1965 and he is the third person to own it.

When he bought it he spent in the region of £900 repairing the classic car and it has only let him down on one occasion since. The car has obviously proved to be a very reliable one. In fact, it still has its original engine. It would be interesting to look 49 years into the future to see if a brand new car bought today would still be motoring along with 300,000 miles on the clock.

He is still driving it to this day and travelled a distance of 1,153 miles last year. He takes it on shopping trips but does not travel long distances these days. He has it serviced once a year and it cost him £166.85 to insure this year.

Apparently, he has no intention of changing the two-door Morris Minor 1000 for a newer, modern car as it no doubt serves him well. Presumably, as he does so few miles in the car on an annual basis, the maintenance costs are not too high.

Yes, there are no doubt a number of cars on the roads in this country and overseas of that age but surely there cannot be too many that have clocked up so many miles? In this respect, we would love to hear from any other classic car enthusiasts that have vehicles with many, many miles on the clock.

We wish Mr Davies a lot more years of happy motoring in his beloved green Morris Minor 1000.