You only have to type something like “classic electric cars” into your browser’s search box and you will be presented with a number of websites of companies offering to convert your classic car from petrol or diesel fuelled engine to electric power. Also, if you were to check on Google News, you will find several articles relating to the same subject.

So, if you are a classic car enthusiast, what is your view on the subject? Are you in favour or against or perhaps sitting on the fence?

As with most things in life, people have different views. There may be some owners of classic cars who are particularly concerned about the environment and see a potential benefit to the planet in having their classic vehicles converted to be powered by battery. There will also be some who feel that to carry out such a conversion would mean that a classic car would no longer be just that.

Some of the benefits of having a classic car converted to electric power could be that there may be a significant amount saved on running costs i.e. lower fuel and maintenance costs. An electric classic car is probably going to be quieter than one that has a petrol or diesel engine. You may wish to compare these potential savings with the actual expense of having a conversion carried out.

Another factor that you may wish to consider is the potential impact upon the value of your classic car if it is converted to electric. Will its value go up or down?

As we said above, there are a lot of companies offering to convert a classic car to electric power so hopefully that will make for a competitive market.

If you are looking to insure your classic car why not get in touch with us at your earliest convenience to obtain a competitive, no-obligation quotation. We look forward to hopefully being able to assist you and also hopefully save you some money.