Rodger Dudding is 79 years of age and has amassed a fortune in view of his business ventures. He is also the proud owner of around 350 classic vehicles covering a wide range of cars and motorbikes.

Rodger Dudding is believed to own more classic cars here in the UK than anyone else

Rodger Dudding owns a large number of classic vehicles

It is estimated that his collection of classic cars is worth in the region of £40 million and it is believed that he owns the largest collection of such vehicles here in the United Kingdom. The vehicles are garaged with Mr Dudding having spent £7 million in improving the garage.

There is an extensive range of classic vehicles. For instance, there is a Ferrari F355 GTS built in 1995. He is the proud owner of an Austin 7 White Rabbit racing car that dates way back to 1930. He owns a significant number of Aston Martin Lagondas He also owns a beautiful looking Hispano Suiza 8 to 10hp Type 24 that was built back in 1918. It is in a delightful green colour. He also owns a large number of classic motorbikes.

It must be a fantastic feeling to be the proud owner of so many classic vehicles although it is probably quite a responsibility. They must take some looking after to ensure that they are well maintained. It will be interesting if Mr Dudding decides to add to his classic collection over the next few years. He is to be commended for having acquired such a variety of vehicles and let us hope that he gains an awful lot of pleasure from them.

Can you imagine what the total cost of arranging classic car insurance on these vehicles is likely to be? Obviously, it is important that such cars and motorbikes have quality cover in place in the event of one of them being involved in a road traffic accident or being stolen and possibly never seen again.