The Silverstone Classic was held last summer, teamed with Telegraph Motoring and was a grand success. However, one of the main highlights of the event was the Guinness World Record-breaking parade performed by Jaguar E-types at the Northamptonshire circuit. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Coventry sports vehicle, spectators cheered and applauded as 767 Jaguar E-types paraded along the circuit in a mass formation.

Following the success of last year’s feature, this year’s Silverstone Classic will host several anniversary displays with rallies and parades. For instance, the largest gathering of Ferrari F40s in the world will be arranged, with at least 50 models participating in the celebration of the car’s 25th birthday.

The Ferrari F40 was also the last car approved for production by the legendary Enzo Ferrari himself. It was also built as a tribute to Il Commendatore’s 40 glorious years of car manufacturing. The Ferrari F40 has a 478bhp, twin turbocharged V8 with a top speed of 200mph and an acceleration with which it could touch 60mph within 3.9 seconds. During the 90s, it was repeatedly touted as the greatest road car of the time.

Another series of cars on the grandstand is the BMW Z-series. These include the 1986 Z1 with the drop-down door, the Z3 and Z4 sportsters which were remarkably popular at the time, and the Z8 which ended production in 2003. The BMW Z-Fest has been held before but never in the UK, which will be quite the gala as it comes to the nation’s shores to celebrate the BMW Car Club’s 60th birthday.

The club’s General Manager, Steve Miller, was quoted by Telegraph as saying, “There are close to 50,000 ‘Zeds’ registered in this country and we are aiming to get at least 500 to join in our special landmark celebrations at the Silverstone Classic.”

Another legend on the marquee will be the British bestseller, the MGB, which sold over 500,000 units since 1962. Even now, the MGB is touted as one of the most affordably popular classic cars with a versatility that was beyond par. The Silverstone Classic will be one of the three events where the MGB will be celebrating its half-century. One can expect plenty of Bs on the circuit and several hundred on display. This is a subtle hint by the organisers that last year’s E-type effort could be upstaged by the MGB.

Also joining the distinguished roster of classic cars is the Lotus Elan, which will also be celebrating its coming of age this year. Celebrating 50 years since the S1 Elan was approved for production in 1962, the company built almost 10,000 cars between 1962 and 1973. It has been universally tagged as one of the best sports cars ever built.

With such classic cars vying for the limelight at the Silverstone Classic, one can surely expect many classic car enthusiasts to be trying their best to bring one of these babies back to their garage. Classic car insurance companies, be advised, you’re about to get business from the big boys!