We know that there should not be any difference between classic car insurance companies as to what sort of car can be covered on a classic car insurance policy but there is. After all, it is an open market place with many insurers wanting your business.

So, what criteria determine whether your car can be covered by classic car insurance? For instance, is the decision just based upon how old the vehicle is that you want insured?

classic car insurance can sometimes be arranged on a car that is only 15 years of age

Did you realise that you may be able to arrange classic car insurance on a similar Ford Escort Mk1?

Some classic car insurance companies will say that you must be at least 25 years of age, do less than 7,500 miles per annum and the car must have been built more than 15 years ago. However, another insurer may say that the car must be at least 20 years of age before it can be considered for classic car insurance.

Fifteen years is not a particularly long time so, if you have a car that is over 15 years of age but it does not do many miles each year, you may like to get a few quotations for classic car insurance from a price comparison website like this one.

Just like standard car insurance, you can arrange third party cover, third party fire and theft cover or fully comprehensive cover. There is an additional level of cover called laid up cover. What you may find is that the cost of classic car insurance is cheaper than standard car insurance for a car of a similar value because you are not normally allowed to do as many miles each year in a classic car.

Bearing in mind it may be possible to insure a car that is only 15 years old on a classic car insurance policy you may be pleasantly surprised when you realise that that opens the door to a huge range of cars. For instance, who would have thought that you might be able to arrange classic car insurance on a Ford Cortina or an Austin Allegro?