How many of you have been caught speeding whilst driving your classic car? If people were to own up to it, you may be surprised at the numbers involved.

keep within the speed limit whilst driving your classic car

The financial implications of being caught speeding could be severe

However, are you aware of the potential implications if you were enjoying a drive on a beautiful summer’s afternoon in your open top classic sports car and put your foot down on that accelerator pedal to feel the wind rushing through your hair? If that increase in speed results in you exceeding the speed limit for the stretch of road that you are driving on and you are caught by the likes of a fixed speed camera or a mobile speed camera you may be in for a shock.

As a general rule, you could face a £60 fixed penalty fine and anything between 3 to 6 points being added to your license. If you accumulate 12 points over a 3-year period then you could face a ban from driving. If you were taken to court, you could face a fine of up to £1,000 if the offence took place on anything other than a motorway but if you were caught speeding on the motorway and the case went to court the fine could be as much as £2,500. Obviously, a number of factors could result in more severe penalties/sentencing. Another potential option is that you could elect to pay a fine of £80 and attend a speed awareness course and avoid any penalty points on your driving license.

Of course, the financial implications may not just end with a fine. You may also need to inform your classic car insurance company as well as the company that provides your ordinary car insurance and you could find that your car insurance premium(s) increase.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing but would it not have been better to have just kept within the speed limit?