Qualifying Definition Of Classic Car Insurance

We know that there should not be any difference between classic car insurance companies as to what sort of car can be covered on a classic car insurance policy but there is. After all, it is an open market place … Continue reading

Triumph TR4 Coming Up For Auction

There are not many Triumph TR4s in existence these days and even fewer that were used as police cars. However, you have the opportunity to bid for one at a forthcoming auction. At Historics at Brooklands auction on the 1st … Continue reading

Ragley Hall Hosts Classic Car Event

For all you classic car enthusiasts wandering what to do over the next bank holiday weekend you really should consider visiting the delightful Ragley Hall to attend the huge classic car show. Ragley Hall is situated in beautiful Warwickshire countryside … Continue reading

Should You Have Fully Comprehensive Classic Car Insurance?

As the owner of a classic car you are no doubt aware that there are various levels of classic car insurance. These are laid up cover, third party, third party fire and theft and fully comprehensive classic car insurance. However, … Continue reading

The Benefits Of Using A Price Comparison Website

The perception of many people is that if you own a classic car you are not likely to be short of a few pounds but this is not always the case. As many of you reading this will know, an … Continue reading