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There are not many Triumph TR4s in existence these days and even fewer that were used as police cars. However, you have the opportunity to bid for one at a forthcoming auction.

At Historics at Brooklands auction on the 1st June 2013, you will have the opportunity to try and become the proud owner of such a classic car. Very few Triumph TR4s found their way into the service of the police force.

The Triumph TR4 with a plate of 4100HJ is expected to have a number of interested bidders that is no doubt going to put the price up. This particular classic car was used by Southend-on-Sea County Borough Constabulary as far back as May 1962. It was last sold back in 1991 and fully restored.

This car could reach a top speed of 100mph so was easily able to keep up with most cars driven by criminals. It had a Winkworth bell, a hand operated lamp that was located on the windscreen, a Pye radio, rear stop sign and rear and front police signs.

Apparently, this classic car was used as the police’s fast pursuit car and used to travel about 1,000 miles every week being used on two shifts each day for seven days of the week. The car was often driven with its top down.

Having been restored, this Triumph TR4 has been maintained impeccably and has some interesting documentation included as part of the sale price. There is a copy of a copy of Advanced Driving Explained that was written by Inspector WH Jobson that actually has a photograph of this very car on the front cover.

Vanguard Models produced 1500 special editions of this car one of which is included with the sale of the classic car.

So, how much do you think that you may have to pay for this delightful car when it is auctioned on the 1st June? It is forecast to achieve a sale price in the region of £35,000 to £40,000. There are expected to be in excess of 100 classic cars and one hundred classic motorcycles at the Historics at Brooklands sale.