check that the classic car insurance you take out meets your requirements

Make sure your classic car insurance meets your requirements

There is so much competition these days between classic car insurance providers that it is worth checking what features and benefits are included as standard and which are available as optional extras. Once you have this information to hand, you can make a balanced decision as to which classic car insurance company you wish to cover your classic car.

Often, you will find that, as standard, you have a choice of four types of cover with those being third party (this is a minimum legal requirement), third party fire and theft, fully comprehensive or laid up cover. The one you select will play a part in dictating what the premium will be. As a general rule, you can expect to pay most for fully comprehensive cover as this will cover not only damage caused to other vehicles, property and people but also any damage to your own classic car even if it is your fault.

Options could include the likes of 24-hour breakdown assistance in both the UK and Europe. So, whether you were unable to start your car one frosty morning, broke down whilst on a long journey or needed the broken down car towed to a garage near to your home this option could prove very beneficial.

Another option is legal expenses cover. Although it would be nice to think that all motorists are honest individuals there are some that are not and have chosen not to insure their vehicle. If you were involved in an accident caused by an un-insured motorist and needed to pursue that person through the courts for financial recompense it could prove costly. Legal expenses cover should enable you to take legal action in the knowledge that the majority of your legal expenses will be covered.

This is an important form of insurance so you need to make sure that you get the level of cover that you require to protect your classic car investment.