If you own a classic car then you will no doubt have it suitably insured for a variety of risks such as accidental damage as a result of a road traffic accident or theft. At some point, your policy will be coming up for renewal and it is quite possible that the cost of your cover will increase.

Every quarter, the price comparison website Confused.com publishes a car insurance price index. Regrettably, the cost of fully comprehensive car insurance has gone up by £27 per annum on average to £789 per annum on average when comparing Q2 of 2019 with Q1 of 2019. When compared with a year ago, premiums have risen by an average of £37 per annum.

Although the above index refers to insurance on standard cars it is quite possible that classic car insurance premiums may be affected.

So, if you have received or are shortly to receive a renewal quotation for your classic car insurance then don’t just file it away. Check to see if your existing insurance provider is going to increase how much it charges for covering your pride and joy. If it is and even if it isn’t going to do so then you may wish to see if you can get the same level of suitable cover from another provider for a lower premium. Too many people merely accept that the cost of insuring their classic car has gone up and do not bother to see if they can get cheaper cover elsewhere.

There are a number of ways to see if you can get the cover for a lower premium such as getting in contact with a local high street insurance broker, speak to your bank or use one or more of the many classic car insurance price comparison websites. The later is a quick and simple option and worthy of consideration. Of course, we will be happy to help arrange a competitive quote.