This sounds like quite a challenge for a lovingly restored classic car – a 3,000 mile journey across Route 50 from one coast to the other in the United States of America that is scheduled to take place in 2015.

A 1960s Morris Minor is to make a journey across the United States

A Morris Minor similar to the above has been restored to look like a police car from the 1960s

The Morris Minor has been renovated by members of staff at Malton Coachworks in North Yorkshire. The car has been carefully prepared including being repainted to look like a police car from the 1960s.

This is because two of the gentlemen that will be making this epic journey are both policemen from North Yorkshire and are raising funds on behalf of the National Police Memorial Day Charity. They are PC Dave Taylor and Sgt Mark Faunt with Dave being based in York and Mark in Scarborough. In addition two people from the International Police Association will be joining them on the journey.

James Szkiler, who is the owner of Malton Coachworks and Classic and Sportscar Centre located in West Knapton was approached by the policemen who were on the look out for a Morris Minor and it just so happened that one was available. He was more than happy to support the charity trip and assisted with the repainting and providing such things as parts. Quite a bit of research was involved to get the car to resemble a 1960s police vehicle.

Both Malton Coachworks and the Classic and Sportscar Centre played their part in helping with the former business stripping the Morris Minor down and repainting it whilst the later business serviced the vehicle in preparation for an MOT, fitting a new clutch and recommissioning the brakes. There will be a team to support them whilst making the trip.

The journey covers 3,073 miles and will involve passing through 11 states ending at Ocean City. It is intended that the police officers involved in driving the Morris Minor will be in police uniform and anticipate meeting many American police officers along the route.

It is expected that the journey will end at the same time as Police Week that is the United States version of the British National Police Memorial Day. The Morris Minor is to be auctioned after the trip to raise monies in aid of the National Police Memorial Day Charity.

We wish them every success.