It is not very often that a major insurance company starts to offer a classic car insurance policy so, when one does, it is worth spending a little time highlighting the fact and providing some information about the policy. This is just what LV= (Liverpool Victoria) has done so let’s have a look at some of the features and benefits of the cover.

LV= has brought out classic car insurance

LV= has introduced a classic car insurance policy

One of the first things that we noted was that they will insure a classic car that is over 20 years of age so that is a little older than a number of competitors. Another thing worth noting is that named drivers must be over 30 years of age and whilst a larger percentage of classic car owners may be over this age there are still some that are younger than that. They will only insure your classic car if you are not going to do more than 5,000 miles per annum whereas there are a number of other classic car insurers that will cover up to 7,000 miles a year.

LV= will provide agreed value cover so, should your pride and joy be written off they will pay out for the value that was agreed upfront. They provide fully comprehensive cover so that should your car be involved in an accident, even if it was your fault, your car will also be protected. They will even include £5,000 of personal accident cover and motor legal expenses cover of £100,000. They will provide £100 of personal belongings cover. Their call centres are in the UK.

An interesting feature is that they will provide a 5% discount off your annual classic car insurance premium if you already have your car and home insurance with them.

When your car is not being used it must be kept in a garage. Excesses may be applied.

We hope that the above has proved informative.