Insurance Costs Rise

Most classic car owners will probably also have a family car that he or she uses on a daily basis. As a result, they will possibly be responsible for insuring both those vehicles. Therefore, if prices go up to insure … Continue reading

Car Insurance Premiums Increase

Most classic car owners also own a standard family saloon or hatchback car that they use to get to work and back as well as doing the weekly shop in. Those cars will be insured unless kept off the public … Continue reading

Is Your Premium Going To Increase?

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Motor Insurance Premiums Gone Up

Classic car owners may be interested and concerned to read that, on average, motor insurance premiums have risen in the last quarter of 2018. Therefore, it is quite possible that the cost of insuring a classic car has also increased. … Continue reading

Cost Of Car Insurance Reduces

It was only back in April that we were writing about the fact that car insurance premiums had risen in 2017. Well, according to research undertaken by Consumer Intelligence, premiums have fallen in the last 12 months by an average … Continue reading

Car Insurance Premiums Rise In 2017

If you own both a classic car and a modern vehicle then you will be interested to read that the average cost of insuring motor vehicles has been on the increase in the last couple of years. For instance, according … Continue reading

Car Insurance Premiums Increased Significantly In 2016

Unfortunately, insuring your classic car has probably got more expensive for a large number of people in 2016. The car insurance price index – quarter 4 2016 that is produced in association with Willis Towers Watson refers to the … Continue reading

Cost Of Motor Insurance Continues To Rise

The cost of insuring your classic car has quite possibly been increasing over the last 12 months or so. That is something you may have noticed when receiving your annual renewal notice from your insurance company. The AA British Insurance … Continue reading

Car Insurance Premiums Increased In 2015

Unfortunately, fully comprehensive car insurance premiums rose by around 14% on average last year according to one index that looks at such data so many owners of not only standard cars but also classic cars may have seen their premiums … Continue reading

Ferrari 250 GTO Breaks Record Again

The Ferrari 250 GTO has certainly built a reputation for achieving record sale prices and it has done it once more. This would appear to be the classic car that you wished you had owned from new. Between 1962 and … Continue reading