Have you any idea which classic car is the most sought after amongst collectors of such vehicles right across the whole of Europe? We think that many of you will be very surprised to hear the car that has been chosen by many classic car owners.

AutoScout24 are reportedly the biggest online marketplace to purchase new and used vehicles in Europe with around two million vehicles for sale. They have recently carried out a survey to find this out.

The Ford Mustang is sought after by many European collectors of classic cars

The Ford Mustang has been voted the most sought after classic car in Europe

Seventy five thousand people took part in the survey from a variety of countries in Europe – Italy, France, Spain, Belgium, Austria and Germany. Of those, 37% of European collectors said that the classic car of their choice would be the Ford Mustang.

This is rather timely as the Ford Mustang is to celebrate its 50th anniversary next year during which period it has proved to be an extremely popular sports car often seen in a number of films. There have been around nine million Ford Mustangs sold around the world since 1964. No doubt Ford will be planning to celebrate the 50th anniversary in 2014. In fact, apparently, they are going to be launching a new Mustang in the not too distant future.

So, the Ford Mustang was voted the most sought after classic car but what about other vehicles that captured the interest of collectors? Well, in second place was the BMW M1 that took 20% of the votes and in third place was the well known and highly sought after Volkswagen Beetle with 11% of the votes.

You will no doubt have your own views on the above so we would love to hear what they are. Which classic car would you have felt was the most popular?

What about the coveted and highly desirable Mini or the Morris Minor both of which are loved by not only the UK classic car owner but also motorists from overseas?