There are no doubt many classic car enthusiasts who will not venture out in their cherished vehicle during the winter months but for those who do it is worth taking some extra precautions to help protect not only your vehicle but also yourself and any passengers.

Before setting off you will no doubt wish to make sure that your car is roadworthy i.e. the tyres are above the legal limit, the brakes are functioning effectively, the engine has enough oil and water in it, the windscreen wipers and lights are all working to name but a few things. You should also make sure that the windows have all been de-iced so that you can see where you are going.

If the roads are icy or have snow on them then you may wish to delay taking your vehicle out but if you feel it is safe to travel then you should ensure that you keep your distance from the vehicle in front and make sure that you do not break the speed limit.

In case you get caught out in the snow whilst at the wheel of your classic car you may also wish to carry on board some useful items. Below is a list of some of the things that may prove of benefit: –

1. Carry a blanket to cover you to keep you warm should you be stranded in your classic car and have to spend the night in the vehicle.
2. You may wish to keep a torch in the car to help you find things in the dark or even to attract someone’s attention.
3. You may wish to keep a few chocolate bars in the vehicle to eat should you be snowed in in your car.
4. Liquids to drink would be beneficial such as tea and/or juice and water.
5. A mobile phone with a car charger so that you can ring for help.
6. Spare clothes to help keep you warm.
7. A pair of boots incase you need to walk through the snow.
8. A spade would be useful to help dig the tyres free of snow and ice to help you regain your grip and drive away.
9. A map would be handy should you get lost due to the inclement weather.
10. A book to read until rescue arrives.

There are no doubt a number of other things you may wish to bring in your classic car to help you should you get caught up in wintry weather.