There are certainly going to be many classic car enthusiasts that are keen to take part in a couple of world record attempts involving classic cars here in the UK in the coming weeks. This is being arranged jointly between the insurance broking firm of Footman James and the Coventry Transport Museum.

Coventry will be the location for two world record attempts involving classic cars in June 2015

Coventry is to host two world record classic car attempts in June 2015.

The event is to take place in Coventry on Sunday 14th June 2015 and is to celebrate the re-opening of the above museum – a week later. The museum has had £9 million spent on it.

There will be two record attempts: –

1. The largest parade of classic cars
2. The largest parade of Jaguar cars

It is hoped to have 2,000 classic cars on parade of which hopefully 1,000 of them will be Jaguars. At the moment the holders of the Guinness World Record for the largest parade of classic cars set in 2014 emanates from Mexico City with that involving 1,674 classic cars. The biggest parade of Jaguar cars took place at Silverstone back in 2011 and involved 767 vehicles.

It is intended that the parade will start off at the Ricoh Arena that is the home of Coventry City Football Club and the parade must measure a minimum of two miles so part of the ring road around Coventry will be used.

In order to qualify to enter for the parade your car must be at least 30 years of age and have its original registration paperwork. This paperwork will need to be brought with you to the parade.

If the above is something that is of interest to you then you should register by the 15th May 2015. One place to do this is via the website of Footman James.

We do hope that as many people as possible show an interest but do bear in mind that the organisers may stop accepting registrations once a certain maximum number of vehicles have registered. If you are successful in attending may we take this opportunity to wish you an enjoyable day.