You will all be pleased to hear that a new television series called Classic Car Rescue is coming to Channel 5. It is to be presented by Mario Pacione and Bernie Fineman who are two car fanatics. They will both go on their travels around this country, America and Canada to find a number of rust buckets with a view to restoring them to their former glory.

Classic Car Rescue intends to rstore classic cars on TVAndrew O’Connell, from Channel 5, who is the Head of Factual, News and Current Affairs said: “We are always looking for fresh on screen talent and are delighted to be working with Bernie Fineman and Mario Pacione on Classic Car Rescue. This show will see some of the world’s most beautiful cars lovingly restored and we are thrilled to give viewers the opportunity to win one of the vehicles featured in each episode.”

There are to be six episodes when the presenters will follow leads to discover a rough looking iconic classic car. Whether it is an E-Type Jaguar, a 1950s Cadillac or a Porsche 911 as long as it is in a bad way they will look to undertake a restoration project that any one interested in classic cars will find of great interest.

They will also look into the history of each classic car to see what impact the car had on the era when it was built, if the car helped its country’s economy or if it resulted in new ways of manufacturing being created.

The mechanical workings of each car will be studied and discussed with archive being used to explain the history of the car.

Dan Chambers who is the Executive Producer of the Channel 5 program said: “This is a truly turbo-charged car show like no other. Mario and Bernie are gripping characters – Bernie’s regular angry outbursts are off-the scale. And there’s heaps of fascinating take-out about the world’s most interesting cars.”

Perhaps best of all, the programme provides viewers with the opportunity to win a car shown during each episode.

A launch date has yet to be announced.