Many classic car enthusiasts will be old enough to remember the famous actor Steve McQueen who appeared in a number of action packed films. There was no doubt that he was an A-listed movie star. Well, if you have got a large bank balance, you may be interested to read that a car once driven by Steve McQueen is being auctioned in the next few days by Mecum Auctions with full details of the classic car being available on their website.

The car in question is a Highland Green 1968 Ford Mustang GT “Bullitt” that is being auctioned with no reserve but it is said by some that it could be sold for several million dollars. No doubt its connection with the famous actor will have some bearing on the potential price it may be sold for.

It was driven by Steve McQueen in the well-known film Bullitt dating back to 1968 including being used in the famous car chase that took place in San Francisco. This particular car chase is claimed by some to be the most well known ever of its kind and it made for thrilling viewing no doubt resulting in some cinema-goers sitting on the edge of their seats in the auditorium.

The vehicle still has the camera mounts on it. Perhaps this adds to its appeal?

It has a 4 speed manual gearbox and the S-code 390 CI V-8 engine has been rebuilt.

Over the years, this classic car has had a number of owners. Apparently, around late 1974, the vehicle changed hands for $6,000.

If you look at some of the photographs of the car it does appear to require some work doing to it but that will no doubt appeal to someone who enjoys a restoration project or someone who has the funds available to not only buy the car but pay for it to be restored.

Presumably, this classic car may attract a great deal of attention at the auction. It will be interesting to see if the classic car does sell on the day and, if so, what sale price is achieved.