We thought that you might be interested in hearing about a range of replica miniature classic cars that you can purchase brand new and drive around in at speeds of up to 46mph. These cars can be driven by adults and could prove to be a novel addition to your collection of classic cars.

There are a variety of vehicles to choose from including a Jaguar XK120, an AC Cobra, an Aston Martin DB5 and a Ferrari 250 California Spider.

Although children over the age of ten may love to drive them, they may find that their parents don’t want to part with them as they are getting so much enjoyment out of driving these half-size replicas. They can either be fitted with an electric motor or a 110cc petrol engine. They cannot legally be driven on public roads but may be driven on private land.

The cars are 7ft 6ins in length and are 3ft in width meaning that they are just big enough for most adults to get behind the wheel and drive around in. If you were to buy a full size AC Cobra you would pay in the region of £600,000 but one of these as a half-size replica can be purchased for as little as £7,995.

These small replica classic cars are hand-built and take around three months to construct so are no doubt built to a high standard. They are made to order so you can select the colour that you require. The majority of them come equipped with lights, including indicator lights and horn that work. They also have seats that can be adjusted and benefit from disc brakes.

It probably does not come as a surprise to you to read that they are very fuel-efficient with the petrol version achieving up to 250mpg. They come with three gears from a semi-automatic gearbox plus there is also a reverse gear.

Those that are fitted with an electric motor will be able to do up to 14mph and travel for up to two hours on the battery when it has been charged for an hour.

These classic cars are built by Pocket Classics.