Taking the Advanced Driving Test through the Institute of Advanced Motorists has a number of benefits not least of which is a possible reduction in your classic car insurance premiums by around 5% per annum. Yes, this does mean that it will take you a few years to cover the cost of taking the test but there are other benefits that hopefully will make taking the test financially worthwhile.

Have you considered taking the Advanced driving Test as this may reduce your classic car insurance premiums

Your classic car insurance premiums may be reduced if you have passed the Advanced Driving Test

For instance, when being taught how better to drive your classic car, you will find that your tyres will last much longer because of these new driving techniques. This results from such things as thinking ahead and driving at a reasonable speed when you go around corners resulting in less pressure being put on the tyres thus “burning” less rubber.

You will also be taught how to brake more smoothly which helps your tyres last longer and also increases the life of your classic car’s braking system.

With the cost of tyres and brakes for your classic car these days that is a considerable potential saving that, in the current financial climate, is to be welcomed.

Another major benefit you should find in driving your classic car following taking the Advanced Driving Test is in the saving of fuel. With the current price of fuel at a very high level, the financial benefit of getting a few more miles to the gallon out of your classic car is considerable.

You will also possibly benefit by not being so stressed when driving leading to the likelihood of having an accident being reduced. This means that you are less likely to claim on your classic car insurance policy meaning that your premiums are more likely to be un-affected and you would not be faced with having to pay an excess that you would probably have to do if you had to submit a claim.

So, as you can see, there are benefits in having passed the Advanced Driving Test but not just in possibly reducing your classic car insurance premiums or, indeed, your ordinary car insurance premiums.