It is perhaps rather timely to have a discussion about what you use your classic car for and how often you use it as, only last week running from the 7th to 14th September, there was the Drive Your Classic Car To Work Week. How many of you actually took part in it?

Be honest with yourself – not many of you will have gone to the trouble of leaving the 12 month old Ford Focus on the drive and instead got the classic car out of the garage first thing in a morning, driven it to work, parked it in the office car park or on the street (if you dare) and then driven it all the way home through the rush hour traffic.

classic cars like to be driven

Classic cars should be driven on a regular basis

Why is that?

Well, there could be more than one reason but the most popular answer is probably that you did not want to expose it to a greater risk of being damaged in any way. Come on – surely cars are meant to be driven rather than left cooped up in the garage even if they are 40 years of age and in mint condition due to you spending countless hours in restoring your pride and joy.

Classic cars enjoy being driven. It gives the car’s inner workings the opportunity to do what they are supposed to do – operate smoothly and helps keep them working to maximum performance. If you are a long distance runner, you need to work out on a regular basis to ensure that you perform at your best – your classic car is no different.

It doesn’t matter if you take it out only a couple of times a week and only travel a few miles. Your classic car will appreciate what you do for it and pay you back with years of pleasurable motoring.

So, take notice and remove the cover off your classic car and get it out of your garage and onto the road whether it is a sunny day or there is a drop of rain.