The perception is that most owners of classic cars are, shall we say, of a mature age and, statistically, that would be correct. However, there are an increasing number of younger drivers that are attracted to driving around in an MG Midget or a Morris Minor.

Classic car insurance may be available for young drivers

A young driver may be able to get classic car insurance

Whether that is a phase that young drivers are going through or something that is likely to continue remains to be seen. A question that does crop up on occasions is whether a young driver that wishes to purchase a classic car is going to be able to get classic car insurance. The answer is – potentially yes. Someone in the 17 to 24 year age bracket may be able to get such cover.

In order to do so the young driver may need to meet certain criteria and this should be checked with any classic car insurance companies that offer such cover to the young motorist before committing to purchase a classic car. The sort of criteria could consist of such things as the car must have been built on or prior to 1985, the classic car must be either kept in a garage or not parked on the public road, the mileage is limited to no more than 5,000 miles each year, you must be a member of a classic car club, you must have access to another car for everyday usage and you must not have more than one minor conviction or no fault claim.

None of the above criteria seem to be onerous in any way and do seem reasonable on the part of classic car insurance companies. After all, the insurer is taking on an increased risk by insuring a young driver as it is well known that they are more likely to have an accident than that of a classic car owner who is 50 years of age and has been driving for thirty plus years.