Chris Smart from Bishopstoke in Hampshire devoted two weeks of his time to transform his garage door at his home by getting out a tin of paint and a brush to paint the Ferrari 250 GTO on it to try and fool people passing by the house that he owns this cult red car.

Mr Smart, 32, stated, “We’ve had a few kids stop and stare as they walk past. Originally one of my neighbours wasn’t too keen, but now she loves it.”

Mr Smart, who is an art graduate working for a marine company, used a satin varnish and paint that is water resistant.

He added: “I hated the old garage door before, it was really boring.

“I’d seen garage covers advertised on the internet with trucks and Formula One cars but I thought I’d make it look as though I’d got a nice sports car parked in there.

I wanted it to stand out so it had to be an expensive, red Ferrari and I’ve always loved the 250 GTO.”

To make it look more authentic, in the garage scene background, he painted old racing signs.

Mr Smart does in fact drive a BMW and added: “I’m not sure if people mistake it for a real car. We’ve seen some passers-by take photos.”

As there were only ever 39 of the Ferrari GTO built it is an extremely sought after vehicle that classic car owners would love to get their hands on. In fact, Nick Mason from Pink Floyd and Chris Evans the Radio 2 DJ are both proud Ferrari GTO owners.

In February of this year a “real version” of this beautiful car was sold for about £20m ($31m).

It has a three-litre V12 powered engine that gets from 0 to 60 in around 6.1 seconds on its way to a maximum speed of 174mph (280km/h) developing 300bhp.

Can you imagine what the classic car insurance premium would be, but, if you have spent £20 million buying one, would you care?