Which classic car do you feel is the most cost effective to run in terms of low repair costs, cheap to insure and with no car tax to pay?

Below are the views of some people but let’s have yours: –

Classic car insurance on a Mini tends to be cheap and it is economical to maintainAs someone points out, obviously your initial budget in terms of how much you are prepared to pay for a classic car is a factor. For example, if you can run to forking out a five-figure sum then a Morgan may be worth a look. If you have a lower budget then you could consider a Triumph Herald, Morris Minor or Austin A40. Spare parts can easily be obtained and they are economical on fuel and reliable on the road. They should retain or increase their value. If you are after a sports car then a Triumph Spitfire or an MG Midget is likely to retain its value and spare parts are readily available. They are also not too expensive to buy.

Someone else has suggested a 1960’s Mini that has increased in value over a period of time. It is easy to obtain parts for the Mini and they are not expensive to run.

Another enthusiast suggests checking out the Review section of classic car sites on the Internet to fine tune your short list. Then join a car club and try and purchase the make and model of your choice from a member as they are less likely to sell on a ‘rust bucket”. To avoid paying car tax look for a pre 1 January 1973 classic car.

The owner of a 1972 Triumph uses it daily keeping it outside all year and has owned it for six years. Cheap to insure, no car tax to pay and reliable to run. Upkeep is minimal having spent some time restoring it.

Hopefully the above has provided you with a few pointers so enjoy the hunt for your classic car.