Most classic car owners probably also own a family saloon car that they use on a daily basis that they insure with their classic car tending to only come out of the garage on a weekend or when he or she is on holiday. Therefore, any saving that you can make on your classic car insurance has got to be welcomed especially in the current economic climate bearing in mind that we are in the midst of a pandemic due to COVID-19.

There are a number of factors that impact upon how much you pay for your cover such as your age, where you live, your driving experience, your claims history, the level of cover and how many miles you drive the vehicle each year. So, what else can you do to possibly lower the amount that you are paying to insure your classic car?

How much your classic car is worth has a bearing upon how much you pay for your cover. Therefore, you may wish to consider getting a valuation of your classic car to make sure that you are not insuring it for too high a value.

You may wish to have an alarm, immobilizer and tracking device fitted to act as a deterrent to a car thief. Fitting one or more of these security devices to your classic car may result in a reduction in how much the insurer charges to insure your cherished car.

Another option that you may wish to consider that may result in a reduction in how much you pay for your cover is to join a club of the make of the classic car that you proudly own.

You may also like to try shopping around for your classic car cover with a number of different insurance companies. A popular way of doing this is to use one or more price comparison websites.

We hope that the above is of some benefit to you.