Have you ever thought of joining a classic car owners club? If not, perhaps you should as there are a number of benefits of doing so that could far outweigh any membership subscription.

For instance, regular meetings take place throughout the year enabling you to meet up with other classic car enthusiasts that often have the same make of car as you when you can exchange ideas and benefit from listening to pre-arranged talks from experts on such things as classic car restoration.

you may get cheaper classic car insurance premiums being a member of a classic car owners club

There are many benefits of being a member of a classic car owners club

Visits to classic car events in other parts of the UK are often arranged by clubs enabling you to attend such occasions with people that you have got to know enabling you to better enjoy the day out. That could be a trip to a classic car-racing event at a famous racetrack such as Silverstone or to attend a classic car exhibition.

Your own club may run an annual classic car event that could give you the opportunity to put your vehicle on show to visitors or for you to take part in driving your beloved car on a day out in procession with other club members’ cars.

If you ever require a second opinion about your own car perhaps whilst restoring it then, by being a member of an owners club, enables you to pick up the phone to another member who will gladly offer their opinion and may even call around to your home to lend a helping hand.

Another benefit is of a financial nature that could save you some money. This is because a number of classic car insurance companies will provide a significant discount to your premiums should you be a member of a classic car owners club. In the current economic climate, we are sure that you will agree that any reduction in premiums is to be welcomed.

So, why not make a few enquiries over the Internet about joining a classic car owners club.