When it comes to buying a classic car there are a number of decisions that you need to make. One of those is whether to purchase a vehicle that looks “brand new” having been well maintained over the years or the alternative is to buy one that is in a run-down state that requires a great deal of restoration work.

Of course, when it comes to the amount of work involved, when you examine a classic car before buying it you will need to take into account what type of restoration work is necessary. For instance, does the car need any mechanical work and if so how much or is it just the bodywork that requires a bit of tender loving care or a combination of both.

many people buy a classic car to restore because they enjoy doing the work

Why did you buy a classic car to restore?

In making this assessment, you will no doubt need to consider your own capabilities as far as tinkering with a classic car goes. There are many people that are not mechanically minded but will enjoy the challenge of restoring the bodywork to its former glory. Equally, there are people for whom the reverse applies. If you are experienced at both, then so much the better.

But, back to the question….

There are a number of reasons why people buy a classic car to renovate but there are two main ones: –

Firstly, it is because people enjoy doing the work in their spare time. They get a great deal of satisfaction in bringing a car “back to life” that may have last been on the road 25 years ago or more. It is a hobby, just like building a model aircraft. The pleasure someone gets having spent 6 to 12 months restoring a vehicle when they get back from work and at weekends to then get behind the wheel of that car and take it for its first trip out in years is considerable.

The second reason that comes to mind is from a cost point of view. Although not always the case, people do buy classic cars that are in need of considerable repair work because they could not afford to buy the same make and model that has been fully restored. However, they can spread the restoration costs over a period of time making the project financially viable.

We would be interested to hear your thoughts on the above so feel free to let us know why you decided to buy a classic car to renovate.