The original Mini is certainly a classic vehicle with production starting many, many years ago here in the UK. Although Minis are still being produced a lot of people are of the opinion that the modern Mini is not particularly like the original one.

David Brown Automomotive has built a classic looking Mini

There are many classic Minis on our roads.

Well, a business by the name of David Brown Automotive is now building a Mini that, from the outside, looks like a 1960’s Mini. The company is located at Silverstone. It takes in the region of 1,000 hours to build so an awful lot of work has gone into putting this classic car together.

The Mini Remastered has been hand built and, although its exterior is just like that of a Mini from a long time ago although it does have exterior LED rear lights, the interior has many modern features. For instance, the doors have remote central locking, there is a satellite navigation system, Bluetooth, keyless go with staring at the push of a button and a cup holder. The engine is anything up to 30% more powerful than an original Mini.

When ordering a vehicle, it is possible to have certain things tailor-made to your individual requirements. For instance, you can choose a colour scheme.

If you happen to be intending to attend the Top Marques Monaco Show on the 20th to 23rd April 2017 then you will be able to see this delightful Mini on display.

So, if you are a keen fan of classic Mini’s this is a vehicle that you may want to find out more about by, for instance, visiting the website of David Brown Automotive where there is a lot of information. You may also wish to look at some quotes for classic car insurance so why not get in touch with us today and we will help organise this for you without any obligation on your part.