Classic Car Weekly is encouraging owners of classic cars to support “Drive Your Classic To Work” week that runs from the 8th to 16th September.

The idea is to raise the awareness about classic cars here in the UK with the same event last year proving a huge success.

Use your classic car to go to the shops or take the kids to schoolDuring this period you are being asked to get the covers of your classic car, get it out of the garage and take to the roads whether it be to take the kids or grandchildren to school, drive to the office or pop down to the shops

Dave Richards is the editor of Classic Car Weekly who said: “I can’t wait! Drive Your Classic to Work week is a celebration of classic driving. Plus it’s an awareness-raiser for everyone in the classic movement to join in with and show solidarity of our classic-driving freedoms.

“There’s nothing better than heading down the Queen’s Highway with a little bit of sunlight glinting off the chrome, wind in my hair, and feeling alive at the wheel. And you don’t even have to be going to work. Shopping trips and heading out just for fun are also allowed on Drive Your Classic to Work week.”

The same initiative last year saw many thousands of classic cars being seen on the roads with members of classic car clubs being prompted to take part by their club secretaries.

The timing is excellent this year as it coincides with Chris Evans’s CarFest North before making for the Goodwood Revival that promise to be fantastic classic car events.

If you are looking to take part in the “Drive Your Classic To Work” week you may wish to contact Classic Car Weekly for more detailed information.

So, don’t just keep that classic car locked away to only be used for a weekend trip out!

Just a word of warning- make sure that you are not going to exceed the annual mileage you forecast you would do when arranging classic car insurance. If this is a possibility contact your classic car insurance provider to discuss increasing the annual mileage coverage figure.