Having made what could be a potentially huge financial investment in purchasing a classic car you will need to decide where you are going to keep it. So, let us have a look at some of the options open to you.

parking your classic car outside in the street overnight may not be a sensible idea

Would you leave your classic car parked in the street overnight? – Image credit: JOHN LLOYD.

On the street

Tempting though it may be, do you really want to keep a desirable classic car parked in the street outside your home throughout the night no matter how good an area it is that you live in? Surely not!

Classic car thefts take place on a regular basis and you would be exposing yourself to grater risk of having it stolen if it were parked in the street for an extended period of time. Furthermore, it is obviously more likely to be hit by a passing vehicle than if it were parked off-road.

On your drive

A slightly better option is to park it on your drive. At least it would be less likely to be damaged whilst their although it is still visible to a classic car thief.

In your garage

The majority of classic car owners will keep their vehicle in their garage overnight. Under lock and key it is less likely of being stolen and will not be damaged by another vehicle.

In a compound

Some classic car owners keep their vehicle in a locked compound with CCTV cameras on site as an added level of security. There is some debate about whether this is more secure than leaving it in your garage. At least if it is kept in your garage there will no doubt be more people in the vicinity than in a locked compound.

Do remember that one of the questions that is asked when you are applying for classic car insurance is where you keep the vehicle overnight. Your answer is likely to have some bearing on the premium so do bear this in mind. For instance, if you keep your classic car in your garage it is likely to cost less to insure than if it were left in the street overnight.