There are a number of reasons why someone decides to purchase a classic car so let’s have a look at a number of the main ones.

The Ferrari 250 GTO has increased in value substantially in recent years

Can you imagine the thrill of racing a Ferrari 250 GTO

Investment potential

There are people that purchase a classic car purely for the investment potential and merely keep it locked away in a garage out of sight for years to come until they decide to sell it for a, hoped for, substantial profit.

The majority of people that own a classic car are no doubt aware that the value of some classic cars have gone up considerably of late. In fact, the investment return on some classic cars has far exceeded the performance of the likes of the stock market in the last 12 months.

That does not mean to say that this will continue to be the case as, just like stocks and shares, the value of a classic car could fall. Therefore, anyone contemplating buying a classic car should be experienced in this market place but, if they are not, they should seriously consider seeking the advice of someone that is.

Restoration project

There are many people that buy an old classic car that is in a terrible state with a view to restoring it to its former glory and then take great pleasure in driving it to classic car shows or just taking it out for a drive on a Sunday when the weather is fine. They have benefited by being able to purchase a vintage car at a reasonable price and turned it into a vehicle that may be worth significantly more.


Some people buy a classic sports car purely to race at classic car events around both the UK and overseas. There is something special about driving around a racing track being watched by thousands of spectators in your open topped car.

So, there are a number of reasons why people buy classic cars. Why did you buy yours?