When you require a quote for classic car insurance what sort of things are important to you? Is it the price and, if so, are you seeking the lowest premium or, strange as it may sound, are you looking for the most expensive or somewhere in between the two extremes?

when looking for classic car insurance is your priority to find the lowest premium or something else?

Is it not more important to get the classic car insurance benefits that you require rather than the lowest premium?

You will probably find that a greater percentage of classic car owners will be looking for the cheapest classic car insurance that they can find. You may say that is because of the current economic climate that we have in the UK but it is probably the case that those looking for the cheapest deal now were doing the same thing 10 years ago.

Surely, the first thing you should be looking for is a policy that will provide you with all the benefits that you require so that you have complete peace of mind. If you manage to find half a dozen classic car insurance companies that provide the cover you are looking for then so much the better as you can then think about looking for the one that offers the lowest premium.

Having said that, if the company offering the cheapest quote is a name that you have never heard of, you may be reluctant to select them, perhaps preferring the second cheapest insurer as they are a well-known name. Some of you may not be bothered if the company are not known to you – after all, we are all different.

Some people are more concerned about selecting a company that has an excellent reputation for the standard of their customer service, in particular for how they deal with insurance claims. To some, that can be more important than the level of the premium.

At the end of the day, you must decide whether you should choose the cheapest provider. Surely though, as we have mentioned above, the most important thing is that you get the cover that you require and, if it means spending a few pounds more to achieve that then so be it. Of course, if you don’t have to do that, and can get the cover you require for the lowest premium then so much the better.