If you are the proud owner of a classic car then you will no doubt want to do everything that you can to make sure that it is not stolen by a car thief. If you have spent a considerable number of hours in restoring a run-down vintage vehicle then you may be even keener to do as much as possible to prevent it being stolen.

So, what sort of things can you do to help reduce your cherished car being stolen?

Well, much as you may not want to change the authenticity of your classic car, you could consider having an alarm fitted to act as a deterrent to the would-be car thief who is in the area. You may also wish to consider having an engine immobiliser fitted if this is an option open to you. You may also wish to give some thought to having a tracking device fitted so that, if it is stolen, it may potentially be recovered quickly – hopefully without any damage to it.

Do not leave your classic car on the drive unattended with the car running to warm it up or for any other reason. Not only are you putting at risk the car being stolen but also your insurance company would probably refuse to pay out if you were to claim on your classic car insurance policy.

If you are venturing out in your classic car into the town centre to do some shopping then preferably park in a well-lit public car park or in a well-lit busy street rather than park in an unlit side street.

When you come home in your classic vehicle then ideally put it away in the garage rather than leave it on the drive or in the street outside your home.

You may wish to invest in a steering wheel lock as this may act as a deterrent to a potential car thief.

We hope that the above gives you food for thought.