Unfortunately, the warm summer days are long gone and autumn has been left behind as we now head into the winter months no doubt accompanied by frost, ice, snow and below freezing temperatures. In fact, for some of us here in the UK, we have already experienced those semi-Arctic conditions.

drive your classic car with extra care in the winter months

Do you still drive your classic car in the winter?

For many classic car owners it is a sad time as winter heralds some to put their classic car in the garage, lock the door and not open it again until the spring. However, that need not be the case as there is no reason why you cannot venture out in your classic car as long as you drive with due care and attention taking into account the road and weather conditions.

As long as you have got classic car insurance you will still be covered even if you drive in the snow. After all, when you think about it, your classic car was no doubt driven in all weathers 365 days of the year when it was new. Yes, it may be many years older now but, as long as you have maintained it well, you should still be able to drive it.

When out driving in wintry weather you obviously need to keep a greater distance than you would normally do between your classic car and the vehicle in front in case you need to brake suddenly. You may also wish to consider putting winter tyres on to provide improved grip in wintry conditions.

However, if you feel that you wish to winter your classic car in your garage then make sure that it has been cleaned and polished before being put in the garage and then suitably covered. Periodically, having made sure that the garage door has been opened for ventilation, you should start up the engine and leave it running for a few minutes but do not leave it unattended as, if you did and someone stole it, your classic car insurance provider may not pay out.

Whilst “wintering” your classic car you could look into the possibility of changing your classic car insurance to Laid Up cover as long as you have declared the vehicle SORN and it is not left on a public road. Who knows, you may be able to save some money by doing so. Just remember to change the insurance again in the spring to the likes of fully comprehensive cover when you next want to take it out for a drive.

We hope that you find the above helpful.